Online traffic map showing accidents, construction and congestion in the Greater Houston area



Information about traffic patterns, construction, accidents, METRO's Transit Facilities, Transit Center Locations, Park & Ride Locations, Houston METRO Schedules and Maps, Route Detours, HOV System, and Lift-Equipped Service in Houston Texas.

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This link will show you real time traffic in Houston. This is managed by the Greater Houston Transportation and Emergency Management Center and provides a color coded real time map of traffic activity, current accidents and helps commuters avoid possible congestion and traffic jams.

Houston Metro Transit Authority operates 130 routes, 17 transit centers and 27 Park and Ride facilities. This link provides information on schedules, routes and maps.

Direct links include:

METRO's Transit Facilities
Transit Center Locations
Park & Ride Locations


METRO Systemwide Maps

Schedules and Maps

Route Detours

HOV System

Lift-Equipped Service


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